About co.com LLC – The .co.com domain registry offers businesses, organizations and individuals, short, memorable, recognizable .com domain names, through a worldwide distribution network of domain name registrars and resellers. co.com LLC is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.



Paul is an early pioneer of the domain name industry, having launched one of the first-ever dedicated domain name search and registration services in 1996. He is a well-liked and highly respected figure throughout the domaining community for his entrepreneurial ingenuity, positive outlook, and creative approach to business strategy. For more than 20 years, Paul has remained at the forefront of the domain industry, while developing numerous web sites and brands that generate more than 3 million page views per month. Paul also built his domain portfolio, including the purchase of co.com in 1997. Understanding the demand, popularity, and shortage of both “.com” and “.co.countrycode” domains, he aligned himself with two industry leaders, Ken Hansen and Gregg McNair, to launch the co.com Registry. Paul grew up in Manchester England and now resides in Ohio USA with his wife and 3 kids.


Ken has 20+ years of experience in start-up ventures and growing Internet, telecom and domain name businesses, He played key roles in two IPOs (Neustar and Net2000), each with market caps in excess of $2B. Ken’s domain name industry experience spans the registry, registrar and the secondary market.Ken led the business development efforts that led to Neustar’s entry into the registry business in 2002 (.BIZ); subsequent strategic partnership with CNNIC (.cn); and, the Department of Commerce selection of Neustar to operate and administer the .US. Following the Neustar IPO he was a co-founder of a domain name registration, parking and auction service provider in Beijing, China. Ken led Neustar’s new gTLD program, and was most recently the General Manager of the .nyc gTLD before becoming CEO of co.com, LLC. and subsequently Senior Advisor


Gregg (fondly known as “Triple G” among friends) has become well known in the domain industry as a forthright, insightful and successful businessman, always available to assist others and to share his broad entrepreneurial and commercial experience. From a background in farming, stock broking and investment banking, Gregg built the largest CEO education program in Australasia and has carried that skill, knowledge and experience into the domain industry making him one of the most credible, entertaining and sought after speakers on the circuit.Gregg travels extensively speaking at industry conferences and building the Group businesses in some seven countries in addition to promoting philanthropy projects in Africa and Asia. When he’s not traveling around the world, Gregg and his wife enjoy time with their four children and seven grandchildren. An Australian citizen Gregg, also holds permanent resident status in Panama.