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Meet Strong Demand for names Ending in .com

Demand for .com domain names continues to be very strong, but the good names were taken long ago. Despite the lack of short memorable names, tens of millions of .com domain names are still registered every year.

The availability of provides registrars with an opportunity to provide short memorable domain names ending in .com.

The Registry recommends registrars suggest a

  • When the .com domain name is not available;
  • If the search keywords does not send a strong signal for another TLD
  • At checkout as an add on sales when a .com domain is being sold

Provide an international name for those with co.countrycode domains

69 countries currently offer .co.countrycode domain names. There are over 11 million existing .co.countrycode domain names.

Companies often use a .co.countrycode to target serve customers in a specific country. A domain is highly complimentary for companies who also want to target international markets.

Simplicity = Easy Onboarding Registry understands the challenges complex pricing or custom processes represent, both in terms of development and marketing. With this in mind, we’ve taken a simplified approach that minimizes Registrar development, and minimized the need to educate registrants.

  • All launch phases are first-come first-serve EPP transactions
  • No Land Rush “applications” or auctions
  • Use of TMCH SMD file during the Sunrise phase
  • Pricing is a traditional per-year fee, and flat rated (no variable pricing)

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