Why register #1: Short Memorable Domains Ending in .com

I am often asked, “why should I get a domain name?”  It’s an obvious and fair question. Over the next few weeks, in a series of posts, I will share with you what I believe are very compelling reasons to register a So, reason #1…

Reason #1 Availability: Short memorable domain names ending in the popular .com

It is now common practice to check the availability of the .com domain name when attempting to come up with a company or product name. Anyone who has tried to hand-register an English dictionary word .com can tell you, “they’re gone”. There are literally none. Even two word names (that make sense) are hard to find. Oh sure, you can still buy premium .com domain names on marketplaces, through brokers, at auction or directly from their current owners. Prices for those domains are typically in the hundreds, thousands, tens-of-thousand, and sometimes in the millions of dollars. If your business can afford to do that, assuming the ROI makes it justifiable, by all means you should get it. In fact, investing in the very best .com domains can often be the difference between success and failure… if the name is available, and you can afford it. domainsFor most small businesses (most businesses are small), however, buying the very best .com domain name for their business is just not possible. Large companies, or the well funded, end up with the very best .com names.

Despite the scarcity of “good” .com domains, every year 20-30 million new .com domains are registered. Most of these registrations are 3+ words, made up words, or hyphenated words. In other words, registrants are settling for ugly long, unmemorable third, fourth or fifth choice .com domain names because their first choice was gone. Some registrants will opt for a shorter name in .info, .biz, .net, .us, etc. or one of the new gTLDs.

Although there are hundreds of alternatives now, most registrars can expect most of their registrations this year to be .com domain names. Some registrants simply prefer a domain that ends in .com to the tune of 75,000-100,000 each day.

If you are one of those businesses or individuals that simply prefer a domain that ends in .com, don’t settle for a long, hyphenated, made up, or 3+ word domain name. Register a domain and get your first choice – a short, memorable, single word domain.

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